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 Subject :Leng's Darkstone Help.. 03-02-2010 14:49:42 
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Darkstone is the latest in 3D, action/role-playing fare. Developer Delphine Software International has done a marvelous job of creating an accessible world where novice and experts alike can meet their level of challenge. While all characters begin at novice level, experienced players looking for a challenge can restart the game at intermediate difficulty when their characters reach level 20, or master at level 35. If the game still doesn't provide that adrenaline rush, then try the higher difficulty levels using a single character instead of two. Multiplayer is available for up to four characters in cooperative or competitive modes. For the purpose of this article, we will assume a novice player, with two characters playing in solo mode. 

Two's Company 
The most important early decision involves selecting the two characters' classes. While it is certainly possible to play using any combination of classes (or even two characters of the same class), some complement each other better than others. In Darkstone, character classes are not as proprietary as they are in other role-playing games; a warrior, for instance, could learn magic and make up for a party deficiency of not having a wizard. Classes and even subclasses do matter when it comes to secondary skills, but the benefits of these skills are often slight and rarely worth the cost of developing the skill, especially when the benefits of the skill can be purchased for less. 

Zoom out to gain perspective on your predicament  
Choosing the right pair in the beginning does have its advantages. Developing a warrior-mage, for instance, would require that a warrior spend 15 points worth of level gain points in magic just to make up for the starting differential between the warrior and the wizard. Developing two primary skills becomes a burden, particularly late in the game where high values are needed to cast certain spells or wield certain weapons. 

Another issue when choosing the party is the consideration that at all times, one character will be under computer control. Computer controlled characters do not cast spells once they've gone past the limit you set, do not drink potions to regenerate mana or heal themselves, and are prone to, well, die at the most inopportune times. Forget visions of a powerful wizard tandem tossing Magic Bombs at will, obliterating all that stands before them. One will be tossing the bombs while the other may end up weakly fending off a deadly attack using mundane methods. 

Tristan blocks doorway while Isolde fires arrows into the room  
Perhaps the best combination is warrior and wizard. The warrior has a primary trait of strength, with a minor in vitality. The wizard excels in magic, with a secondary proficiency in dexterity. The thief and priest classes are a little better balanced, with primary skills in dexterity and vitality respectively, backed by strength and magic. The thief also has some talent in magic, and the priest some in strength. Unfortunately, neither dexterity nor vitality are major offensive talents, and the jack-of-all-trades nature of the thief and priest lend themselves to the development of well-rounded characters which are impotent by end-game. To maximize our effectiveness, we will use a warrior, Tristan, and his lovely and talented sorceress companion, Isolde. 

Before Tristan runs the gauntlet of snakes, Isolde casts Magic Door. When Tristan grabs the crystal and releases the snakes, switch back to Isolde and warp back to town.  
A quick note regarding secondary skills. Learning is a must for all characters, as it increases the rate which experience points are gained. Master of Arms is beneficial for warriors and priests, Lycanthropy amusing for sorceresses. Repair can be used to increase the resale value of items you plan to liquidate?don't trust it on equipment you plan to use. The effects of all other skills can be purchased (or replicated by a spell), often more effectively and cheaper than the cost of Master Dalsin's training. 

Covered by Numbers 
Darkstone has a wide variety of weapons, armor, and trinkets with which to adorn your characters. From Neolithic clubs to medieval halberds, from rags to chain, arms and armor cover the usual gamut of accessories sold by fantasy role-playing outfitters since time immemorial. Gunther the Blacksmith even takes the trouble of organizing his wares by character class (no doubt the precursor to the modern department store). Now forget everything you know about the effectiveness of a knife as opposed to a bow, or a club to a sword, or even a tunic compared with a fine suit made of studded leather. 

Tristan needs to visit Gunther's for some armor repair (note the red helmet and robe indicators on the right). Not before he places the statuettes on the proper numbers, however  
The physical descriptions of items in Darkstone are irrelevant. The numbers which define the capabilities of these items are all that is important, and it pays to constantly review found items and compare them to what is currently equipped. It is quite possible that the trusty sword you have been wielding will only do half the damage done by the club dropped by the recently killed lizard man. Similarly, that fetid pile of rags recovered from a scorpion's nest may offer twice the protection provided by the spiffy suit of armor you are currently wearing (just don't expect the ladies to come running on your next visit to Perry's Pub). Focus on the damage and to-hit bonuses with weapons, and on armor class protection provided by helmets, shields, and clothing. Consideration must also be paid to the state of repair of these items?do not use them if they are on the verge of destruction, have them repaired first. It is possible that the durability of some items (the maximum number of hits an item can take before it is destroyed) is so low that even at full repair, the item will be only marginally useful. 

It is particularly important to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using two-handed weapons. Naturally, a two-handed weapon prohibits use of a shield. Often, however, single-handed weapons can be found which do the same or greater damage. This is even true with missile weapons, as throwing knives and shuriken might offer the same effectiveness as a bow, while allowing a free hand to wield a shield. Ammunition is not a factor in Darkstone; a single throwing knife can slay as many enemies as a bottomless quiver of arrows. 

Rings and amulets round out the style parade. Neither of these items is particularly common in the dungeons, but can be bought in town at Master Elmeric's Magic Shop. Characters can wear four rings and two amulets; when a choice must be made, it is generally more useful to select items that increase primary statistics or life over other qualities. 

The Brave, Cruel World 
Now that we have our properly trained, nattily attired twosome, it's time to venture out into the world. The interface in Darkstone is designed to abet otherwise time-consuming activities when the action gets hot and heavy. Each character has four quick-access inventory slots, assigned to function keys F1 to F4 for the leftmost character and F5 to F8 for the right character. Assign a unique item to each of these spots?if the character has five healing potions, assigning one shortcut will allow easy access to all five. Try to be consistent with slot assignments, the less you have to think about the interface when in a large battle, the better your chance of success. 

Place food on the plates in front of the altar to summon the talking head. Beware of ambush after obtaining the crystal  
Each character also eight shortcuts ( numbers 1-8 ) for spells. Unlike the function key inventory shortcuts, spell shortcuts only work for the character which is currently active (not under computer control). Again, consistency can only help. Spells such as healing that are likely to be learned by both characters should be assigned lower numbers, allowing the player to access these spells quickly and without much thought. Other spells, like food, need not be assigned a hot key at all (characters should never enter battle on an empty stomach). 

Which character to actively control depends on the current situation. As mentioned earlier, characters under computer control only have limited access to magic, and cannot use potions or scrolls. If your battle plan requires spell casting, your best bet is to control the spell caster. Other situations are not so cut-and-dried. Usually, it is best to lead with your fighter, as this character can better withstand unexpected attack. Also, when embroiled in combat against a large number of nasties, controlling the fighter might make it easier to keep the character more productive and less dead, casting heal when necessary, or backing off and perhaps closing the door if the situation is dire. The second character should be armed with a missile weapon to help from afar. In other circumstances, it might be necessary to target a distant enemy (perhaps one wielding a missile weapon or casting spells) while fending off close assault by other critters. In this case, allow the computer to handle the close combat duties. 

In rare instances, the computer-controlled character will only be a hindrance. Either the situation calls for a single character, or the computer-controlled character insists upon doing things that make it, well, dead. Use the "G" hotkey to tell the other character to stay put until you tell it otherwise. 

Finally, keep in mind Darkstone is a 3D game with all of the benefits of the added dimension. Camera angles can be rotated and zoomed, allowing for a more complete view of the surroundings. Often times, rotating the view is necessary to be able to click on an attacking enemy when the character or a piece of scenery otherwise blocks the view. Experiment with different views, especially during combat. One view that seems effective is opening a door with your characters on the left of the doorway and the enemies on the right. Keep in mind that Darkstone is an "action role-playing" game; every effort to make the interface familiar during heavy action sequences will pay off in the long run. 


Games Domain # 1

Games Domain # 2

The Adrenaline Vault


Sharky Extreme


More Gold
After starting a new game, give all the gold from 1 character to a prime character who will hold all the gold. Now start another game apick the prime character and create a new character. Transfer 1500 gold from the new character to the prime character and repeat as needed. 

New Song
In a single player game toss coins in the Bard's tray in the center of town. 

Playing as Thief
Steal from the chickens to get a good reward. 

3 Cool Tricks
Here's some tricks for Darkstone that I discovered and haven't seen mentioned anywhere. The first 2 can only be done in single player games, the 3rd can be done in both single and multi. 

1. Surrogate Pool Drinker - If you switch to solo mode and leave the character you're not using at a mana or health pool, whenever you get low just switch to the character by the pool, walk a short distance from the pool, then click on the pool and before the character gets there to take a drink switch back to the other character and that one will get their health or mana filled instead of the one by the pool. 

2. Permanent Magic Door - If you want to keep your magic doors from crumbling when you go back through them, when returning through the door from town use the character who did NOT create the magic door to enter the portal. If you are in a multi player game, 2 characters can both make a magic door then return from town using the other guy's door instead of your own. This way you can keep them open and use them over and over. 

3. Earn More Money - Of course you want to use a character with the Trade skill to do all the buying, selling, and repairing (if you have one). But if you have the character with Trade skill pay the blacksmith to repair all your items before you sell them you will actually get MORE money. He gives you a discount on the repair and pays your more for the fully repaired item than what he would have paid before + the price he charged you to repair it. 

Even More Money
Create Two New Monk Charaters 
Start am single player game with these charaters. Then sell their copys of Ressurection for lots of Cash. Then give the money two one charater. Start a new single player game with a two new monks. Deletee the charater (MONK that has no money) and repet with the new monks. Then make the charater you want and start a new game with the really rich monks. Take their money and start a new single player game with another new charater. I did this 13 times and ended up with over 100000 gold. 

Lots of Gold
You will need enough inventory items to fill all of your inventory slots and 10,001 pieces of gold. Place 10,000 pieces of gold on the ground. Make sure you have 1 or more pieces of gold in your inventory and that the rest of the inventory slots are filled - big items work best. Close inventory. Try to pick up 10,000 gold pile. No slots are available so place 10,000 gold back on ground. Open inventory. 1 piece of gold has now turned into 10,000 pieces of gold. Right click and remove 9999 pieces of gold and place on ground. Close Inventory. Pick up pile of 10,000 gold. Place gold back on ground. Open Inventory. Remove 10,000 pieces of gold and place on ground. Pick up the 9999 pieces of gold. Remove 1 piece and place that in inventory. Place 9998 pieces on gold. Continue until you have piles and piles of gold to buy all those rings and books. 


I've found the best buy anywhere for a brand new Darkstone for PC is Chips & Bits.  When I ordered, using regular mail, I got it in less than a week. 

Chips & Bits 



This game is fun, but sadly, nothing like the PC version. 


PSX Extreme



Playstation Hotgames

Game Shark Codes 

Infinite Health
800EB8C0 0064 
800EB8C4 0064 

Infinite Mana
800EB8C2 0064 

Infinite Gold
800EB878 E0FF 
800EB878 05F5 

Max Strength
800EB8A0 0064 

Max Damage
300EB8D0 0063 

Max Magic
800EB8A2 0064 

Max Dexterity
800EB8A4 0064 

Max Vitality
800EB8A6 0064 

Max Armor Class
300EB8CC 0063 

Max Hit %
300EB8E2 0063 

Max Magic Resistance
300EB8E4 0063 

Max Fire Resistance
300EB8E5 0063 

Max Poison Resistance
300EB8E6 0063 


Compare prices at the site below. 


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 Subject :Re:Leng's Darkstone Help.. 06-02-2010 13:37:25 
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Awesome post. I usually just use a cheat program for the coins (I know, shame on me), but there are some things here I can't wait to try out. Very clever way to use glitches within the game to trick it xD.
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Love your enemies... It really tics them off!
 Subject :Re:Leng's Darkstone Help.. 06-02-2010 13:46:53 
Joined: 26-01-2010 09:45:51
Posts: 24
It's a very old posting from Leng that survived several forum instances ; - )
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 Subject :Re:Leng's Darkstone Help.. 08-02-2010 01:55:51 
Joined: 07-02-2010 23:49:02
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Yeah I remember this old post but still a great post ^^

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