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 Subject :Darkstone movies.. 06-09-2012 18:23:30 
Joined: 06-09-2012 16:22:00
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Hi, when i turn on darkstone on Win7 64-bit i had blackscreen. I used -nointro and it has work, but... when i put crystals on pedestal to get time orb i have blackscreen... i think its problem with movies, how can i turn off them? or how can i skip them?

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 Subject :Re:Darkstone movies.. 12-09-2012 01:43:24 
Joined: 04-02-2010 15:21:36
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Welcome to the Darkstone database Rogal,

"I have just tested it and it now works, but I had trouble with the video. I looked up the codec and it uses the Indeo 5 codec. i managed to re-enable this within CCCP (might have to do a guide to show people)"

The codec for the video is old and unused. the codec is called Indeo 5. when I get time i will make a guide to show how i got it re-enabled on my 64 bit installation of 7 using CCCP. I do not know if this would work but you could make your own blank videos with the same file names to replace the current darkstone files.

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