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 Subject :How to post an article.. 04-02-2010 11:19:54 
Joined: 26-01-2010 09:45:51
Posts: 24

According to Joomla everything is an article. In order to post such thing you need to be a registered and loggeg in user (und have the necessary rights).

When you're logged in at the page you'll get a second men (titled 'User Menu'). Here I added buttons to submit articles in all the existing sections (news, quests, files, links).

Example: Add a news article

So to post a news entry you click on 'Submit News'.

You assign a title (e.g. 'How-To for posting articles').

You write the content of the article. Sometimes it's necessary to add an image (or a few). In this case you'll need to upload them first. To do so click on the 'Insert/Edit Image' button.


Now there should be a popup window where you can select a desired folder and upload new images to it.


Then you slect one of the images and the fields on the top are preallocated with the right data (URL and dimensions of the image). You can alter the alternate text, alignment and size of the image for the display.


At last click in the 'Insert' Button and the popup closes itself with the image inserted in your article.

When you're ready just hit the 'save' button (at the top right) and everything's finished.

Handling attachements

Adding attachements to an article is a little tricky. First of all the article must exists (don't try to add attachements when firstly creating the article!). View the article (e.g. in the news section) and click on the 'add attachement' button.


In the popup window you slect a file from your local harddrive, provide a display text for it (and maybe a description, if needed) and hit the 'upload' button.


The popup window is closed and you can now see the article has a new attachement.


So it's not that complicated after all, isn't it?

Please ask about anything unclear, ambiguous, etc. so I can try clarify it / expand this how-to with it.

Thanks & Bye, Peter (aka Mithrandir) 

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 Subject :Re:How to post an article.. 04-02-2010 13:16:33 
Joined: 26-01-2010 09:45:51
Posts: 24

!!! Caution !!!

Always make sure that both 'section' and 'category' are provided before saving the article (the first two comboboxes in the publishing area), because otherwise the article will not be reachable from the menu navigation.

You can reach such articles (uncategorized) only over the links in the right box (with latest news, popular, latest forum posts). When logged in you should see a list of 'uncategorized articles'. Just lookup the one you're searching, edit it and provide a category.

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