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 Subject :Seven Curses of Uma quest crashes on me.. 09-05-2012 19:27:40 
Joined: 17-12-2010 00:48:10
Posts: 1

Whenever I try to click on my character's inventory while playing this quest, the game freezes on me!

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 Subject :Re:Seven Curses of Uma quest crashes on me.. 23-10-2012 01:42:57 
Joined: 16-04-2011 16:02:19
Posts: 36

That happened to me too a couple of times, but I was finally able to play by starting the game and quickly leaving the town. I tried to open the inventory in Ardyl and it was working fine so I ran back to town and it didn't crash after that! The quest is awesome and requires a lot of patience!  I hope this helps!!

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