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Chaos Fox's Guide to Multiplayer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pureblood   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 21:16

Chaos Fox's Guide to Multiplayer

courtesy of http://members.fortunecity.com/annetevans/darkstone/

Getting Started

So, you want the joy of a multiplayer game of DarkStone. Groovy. Who doesn't? ^_^ The first thing to do is make sure you have the latest version of DS (DarkStone). You can get the updates here for the US version and several other countries' versions. As far as I know, all countries' versions are compatible with each other as long as you're running the same version number (1.05b, for example).

Great. You're now running the latest version of DS, right? You can check it on your Configuration menu, at the bottom right, as circled below.



The next step is to decide if you're going to start a new game yourself or whether you'd like to join somebody else's.

Hosting a Game

To run a game yourself, you'll need to know your IP address. There are a couple of ways of doing this.

Method 1 (before starting DarkStone)

You can find your IP address by running a program called WINIPCFG which is included with Windows. (Click Start, then select Run.)

Note by Pureblood:  in more recent Windows operating systems, type "CMD", and in the appearing window, type "IPCONFIG" to find your IP.


Type WINIPCFG in the blank that appears and hit Enter.


What appears in the above circled blank is your IP address. Give it to people you want to play in your game. (Note: The example and addresses beginning with 192.168 are LAN only and will not be able to be joined by internet players. If you are on a network you will need to find your internet IP another way. I go to GRC to check mine.) Once you have it, start DS, select "New Game", "Multiplayer", choose your chara, then "TCP/IP", then "Create a Session". As soon as you select your qeust and difficulty level, the game will begin. The game will announce when other players join in.

Method 2 (from within the game)

This is a bit easier... Just fire up a TCP/IP multiplayer game as outlined above and when the game starts, press A.


What you see circled here is your IP address. (For the point of this tutorial, since you're hosting, the word HOST should appear above it). Hold ALT and hit TAB and let everybody know that this is the IP address they should join into. ALT+TAB back into the game and wait for 'em to pop up.

*** An important note for players TCP/IP hosting on a LAN ***

If you are behind a proxy server on a LAN, it is possible for you to run games with combinations of players from the internet as well as your private network. However, the game isn't readily designed to handle this and it frequently results in Hollow Man Syndrome, where internet players may be invisible to players on your network, and vice versa. Only the host of this game will be sure to see everyone at all times, though all players can affect one another.

Joining a Game

To join a game, you just need to know the IP address of the person running the game (just ask!). Once you have it, start DarkStone, select "New Game", "Multiplayer". Choose your chara, then "TCP/IP", then "Join a Session".


Type the IP address you wish to join in the blank and click OK.

A scroll will pop up with a list of gaming sessions (usually just one name). Click that name and you're in business. See you in town. :)

Once You're In

Pressing Enter will bring up a box where you can type what you want to say to other players.



It's good protocol to at least say hello before you start slaying, pillaging, and looting. The game will announce when players enter and leave.

Pressing P will bring up a list of players and, if they're playing in co-op mode, their locations.


Co-op and VS. Modes

See the two swords at the bottom toward the right?


If they are uncrossed it means you cannot hurt or be hurt by other players. Also, the host can see your location and other people nearby can see you on their maps. If the swords are crossed, you are primed to kill another player's character. You won't show up on anyone's map and the host cannot track you, but remember that you can also be killed by another player in VS. mode!

Kicking a Player

If you're the host, you may sometime find it necessary to "kick" (disconnect) a player. Perhaps they're using cheats, perhaps they're insulting your other players, or perhaps they're just being an all-around cornchip. Press K and then type their player number. (0 is you! Remember, you can find the player numbers by pressing P as outlined above). Wham. The offender will be sucking title screen in no time flat.

Want to game? Let me know! E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , ICQ #32804474, AIM: FoxSynergy

Well, I hope that helps! Thanks to Peter for saving my butt over and over again. Special thanks to Vanessa-chan for helping me beta test my Quests and putting up with all the sword-clanging and monster deathcries that go on in our living room. =^.^=

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 February 2010 07:44


#1 Mithrandir 2010-02-08 07:51
I deleted the other (double) post and published this one in the tutorials category.
#2 Mithrandir 2010-02-08 08:06
... and uploaded the images from fortunecity to this server. Locally the work ; - )
#3 Pureblood 2010-02-08 22:54
I didnt upload the images because Mithrandir reused some on his other Tutorial thingy (so I figured I'd just do the same here).

And I also didnt publish it under Tutorials, because thats a Subcategory of Quest Editor Could one of the admins please create something more generic for Articles?