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Patch v1.03 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mithrandir   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010 11:53

Attached you can find the european and american patch v01.03 for Darkstone.

Contents of the 'readme.txt':


 What you must know before installing this patch: 
With this patch, characters and single player save games are compatible with the previous versions.
(However it's possible some objects may disappear from your inventory as we are now checking duplicated objects).
The network save game is not compatible. (You can load it, but you may have some problems)
Installation of this patch is irreversible.

 This should be done before installing this patch:
You must copy the folder "Darkstone/save"(the save games and the characters) somewhere else on your computer, 
in case you want to reinstall the version 1.0.0 later.
The save games that have been made with this patch cannot be used with the version 1.0.0.

 What's new about this patch ?
 The difficulty level has been increased:
	-The monsters open the doors.
	-Some of them have new spells (Reflection...)
	-Their resistance and their speed movements have been increased.
	-Monsters regenerated in dungeons and outsides areas (in solo games).

 There is a new difficulty level,"Hero", also playable on the network: (view location)
	-More difficult.
	-New weapons.

 Some new character functions have been added:
	-Change of memory spells of the 2nd character with the shortcut key.[Shift]+1-8
	-Call for help [D] and your 2nd character attacks your closest attacker.
	-The automatic spells for the second character are more intelligent.
	-Characters can now be exported from saved game files from the export option in the game menu. (see below)
	-Stone and confusion weapons effect now 10 seconds long instead of 2s.
	-2nd character berserk spell casted only if he attacks a monster.
	-New delay between spell casting. Each characters have their own speed of spellcasting,
	 which grows with the level of spell.

 The network has been improved:
	-The chat box supports up to 80 characters.
	-Chat messages are now visible by the sender.
	-The server is able to end the session of another player using "K" followed by the player number.
	-In cooperative mode, your character can't be attacked by another player.
	-Moving the mouse on a multiplayer character will display his experience level.
	-Disconnection(s) problems in tcp/ip fixed.
	-This patch will permit you to play with all the different territories worldwide.
	-Less teleportation of monsters in multiplayers sessions.
	-Compressed data send at the beginning of a multiplayer session.

 This patch also fixes:
	-The weapon durability problem.
	-Network character ageing prematurely.
	-Irma ' s identification bug.
	-Monsters 's berserk bug.
	-Magic bomb and poison cloud can only be casted on visible monsters.
	-Camera allocated keys can be modified in keyboard.txt.

 The Export function: (view location)
This feature will allow you to extract character information from a saved game.
Load the saved game with the characters you want to extract, then return to the main menu and click 'Export'.
Note: This will erase all other characters that were listed prior to using the Export function.

New command lines:
-nointro : launch the game without intro sequences.
(also added ; when you click during intro sequences it now zaps to the beginning menu.)
-reversecam : reverse rotation camera keys.

 What you must know about the network :
If you play on Windows 95 you must install Winsock 2 (Not for 98 it's already on it) 
Installing Directplay 6.1A may correct some problems.
If again you have some problems ,try with these differents command lines 
(Each PC in the session must have started the game with the same command line):

In IPX protocol:
-nooptimizelatency : remove the bandwidth optimization for latency delays to send information 
less often as it is packed bigger. 

-noguarantee : remove the guarantee messages of directPlayprotocol
The information you send is not guaranteed, so if it is lost (Collision) it will not be sent again.
This may cause desynchronization problems.

-noasync : remove the asynchrone network messages of directPlayprotocol.
The program waits for the guarantee messages and the game look freezes until the message arrives.

-nodirectPlayprotocol : disable the DirectPlayProtocol.
Use the normal IPX protocol (disable the guarantee messages,wait for reply)
Could be better in some cases.

In TCP/IP protocol:
-nooptimizelatency : remove the bandwidth optimization for latency delays to send information 
less often as it is packed bigger.

-keepalive : enable the DirectPlay keepAlive option.
Let Direct X manage the disconnection problems.(if the other players do not answer within 6 seconds,
the player will be disconnected).
You could activate this option if you have a good bandwidth ,otherwise , if someone is disconnected,
the host has to kill the disconnected player from the game with the 'K' key.

-directplayprotocol : enable the DirectPlayProtocol (off in TCP/IP ).

-noguarantee : remove the guarantee messages of directPlayprotocol.
The information you send is not guaranteed, so if it is lost (Collision) it will not be sent again.
This may cause desynchronization problems.

-noasync : remove the asynchrone network messages of directPlayprotocol.
The program waits for the guarantee messages and the game look freezes until the message arrives.

 Cards compatibility:

Error message- "No 3D Card Detected"
If you are getting this message and have a 3D accelerator card installed on your system,
go to Program Files\DirectX\Setup and run the DXDIAG file.
Under the Display tab, make sure the acceleration is enabled.
If you are experiencing any problems with lock-ups, crashes, sound or video playback 
please check the following list for your component and recommendations for best compatibility.

Sound Blaster Live! Cards
The newer drivers for these cards add Sound Fonts and adjust caching options that will conflict with Darkstone.
From the Audio HQ Control Panel, access the Soundfonts and remove the Piano sound font that is assigned by default.
Then, set the Sound Cache (default to 12MB) to 0.

Yamaha Sound Cards
These cards have been causing the game to crash randomly.
Select Maximum Compatibility in the card's properties (Control Panel) for improved performance.

ATI Fury 32 Megabyte
Does not seem to be compatible with the game at this time.
Game will say there is no 3D accelerator present when it is run.
Possibly fixed by same method as Fury 128 (unverified.)

ATI Fury 128
Try getting the 3rd party Fury 128 drivers from www.lightspeed2000.com
Once installed, the options menu should now have "use primary 3D card".

ATI Rage Pro
Some users have reported performance problems with this card.
As of yet, we have no recommended solution.

Nvidia Riva TNT
The poor quality of the in-game text can be corrected by installing the latest drivers from www.nvidia.com
Once applied, go into the 'Display Properties', then RIVA TNT=>Additional Properties=>Direct3D=Advanced=>Texel Alignment.
Change it to 0, and the text should improve.

Savage 4
Make sure the hardware acceleration slider in the system performance window is set full acceleration 
or the game and DirectX won't see a 3D accelerator on the system.
Red graphic appears near the torches-currently no solution.

Diamond Viper 330 (Riva 128 chipset)
Non-transparent box will show up around damaged weapon icons and various other items that should be transparent.
Make sure you're running the latest drivers from www.nvidia.com
Open 'Control Panel', then 'Display'.
Click the 'Settings' tab, then 'Advanced'.
Click the 'Riva 128' tab, then 'More Direct 3D'.
Click on the 'Other Options' tab, and change the 'Color Key Method' from 'Standard' to 'Compatibility Mode'.
Apply the settings by clicking OK, then run the game.
Return to top.
Updated drivers may correct this problem (unverified).

Latest Glide drivers turn 'Force Trilinear Filtering in Direct3D Apps' off, which could cause random lockups.
To fix: Go into the '3Dfx' properties of the Display Properties and click on the 'Advanced' button.
Enable 'Force Trilinear Filtering in Direct3D Apps' and click 'OK', then 'OK' again in the Display Properties
to accept the new settings.

The Voodoo 3 3000 cards will work with the game.
Make sure you're running the latest drivers ( www.3dfx.com ), and set all the details to high 
(Acceleration, graphic quality, etc.) in the 'Control Panel', then 'Display Properties'.

Matrox G200 & G400 
Some users have reported compatibility problems with the movies.
Using the same method as voodoo-2's (Force Trilinear Filtering), may resolve the problems.
Download and install the updated drivers from www.matrox.com

 Driver Update Links:

If you are having trouble finding an updated driver for your card, try installing the GL SETUP program 
available from www.glsetup.com.
This will automatically find the best (not necessarily the newest) driver for your card. 

3DFX Reference drivers : www.3dfx.com 

TNT Detonator drivers : www.nvidia.com 

Savage drivers : www.s3.com 

ATI drivers : www.atitech.ca 

Matrox drivers : www.matrox.com 

 Darkstone FAQ:

-Transferring characters to another system:
This action is not a supported feature in the game and not guaranteed to work for everyone so please 
do not contact Technical Support seeking assistance of this nature. 

-Casting spells (food, healing, and antidote) on one character using another character:
Certain spells cannot be performed by one character on the other.
The only way to have character B benefit from the spells that character A possesses is to use character A 
to bind a spell to a blank scroll, then give the scroll to character B for them to read.
Blank scrolls can be found while exploring the dungeons or may be available from Master Elmeric in town. 

-Changing Resolution:
The game plays in 640x480 resolution. There is no option that allows this to be changed. 

-Characters and Aging:
How fast your character ages is determined by how often you pest/sleep.
The more you sleep the faster the character will age since times speeds up during the sleep process.
Walking instead of running also increases the amount the character will age through the course of a level.
In general, you can expect your characters to age approximately 6 months for each dungeon level completed. 

-Miscellaneous Lockups:
Most lockups not caused by a driver-related problem (described above) have been the result of a background 
application interfering with Darkstone.
Make sure no other Windows applications are running while attempting to play Darkstone.
These applications can included, but are not limited to screensavers, virus detection software, and Crash-guard software.
Also, avoid task swapping back to your Windows desktop while playing Darkstone.
In multiplayer, applications such as ICQ and Roger Wilco have caused the connection to be lost and/or lockups.
If you have MS Office installed, applications such as Fastfind are run in the background by default.
Disable these as well if you are experiencing problems. 

See the updated Readme.txt file for more information about this patch.
Attached files:
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (DsEurPatch103.zip)EURO Patch v1.03 5894 Kb
Download this file (DsUsPatch103.zip)US Patch v1.03 2293 Kb
Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 February 2010 12:08