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Darkstone Fix / Chartrans PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mithrandir   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 10:41

The Darkstone Fix v1.0 (Chartrans) edits the character.lpl and updates it with your computer name so that it can be played on other computers (only characters, not savegames!).

Contents of the 'readme.txt':

                         DarkStone Fix 1.0

     If you have ever tried to bring a character from one computer to another
you may have experienced significant difficulty.  DarkStone writes the 
computer name directly into the save file.  If you go to another machine
and it does not have exactly the same name, it will not recognize your
characters.  This utility will edit the characters.lpl and update it with
your new computer name so that you can still play your charcters.


  1)  All of your character stats and items are stored in the characters.lpl
      file.  This file is located in your C:\Program Files\Delphine Software\
      Darkstone\save\characters.  This is the file you will need to copy.

  2)  Make sure DarkStone is properly installed on the new system.

  3)  Create a new character and exit this game.  This ensures that the save
      and temp directories are present in your DarkStone directory.

  4)  Overwrite the existing characters.lpl with the characters.lpl file
      that you want to import.

  5)  Run DarkStoneFix.exe and click the update characters.lpl button.  This
      should update your save file so that it can be played on the new


  -  Porting save games is currently not supported.  Only character info,
     stats, and items will be copied.
  -  Quest items are stored in the save games so they will not be copied
     with the character.
  -  Use this at your own risk.  Backup a copy of any characters.lpl files
     that you are using before you run this utility.  No guarantees are made
     that this won't jack your character.
  -  Absolutely no error checking has been done, so if it can't find a file
     the program will probably crash.
  -  If you get an error that says it can't find MSVBM60.DLL, copy the
     included file into your windows\system directory.
  -  The program uses the registry to get your current computer name to get
     the location of your darkstone directory and your computer name.  If
     those keys do not exist for some reason, this will probably not work.
  -  This program is not a trainer and it will not help you cheat.
  -  Lastly, if this doesn't work then there is nothing I can do about it.
     It works fine for all of us here.


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