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Elric's Legacy Walkthru PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mithrandir   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 14:29



Features in the Land
*Cyric's Tower ~ Receive Door Key from Beldran @ Traveler's Wayside in Marghor-get Cyric's Amulets here.
*Fighter's Shrine Place 4 Fighter's Runes of Power to open chest. Receive -Sword (not spoiling surprise w/details!)
*Gypsy Road: Betsy- Sells Gem of Souls for Thanatos on Level 21 (must speak w/him first)
*Level 1 area Meet Montague-can't give him Ancient Book at this time.
*Level 5 area: Frank the Farmer -Gives level 5 quest info. Talk to after fixing fountain, rcv Crystal of Virtue. Lucy has lost a rope-find it in haycart after Daryth has stolen Crystal of Wisdom at level 9 entrance.
*Natasha's House: Natasha- needs scroll of Restoration to undo Werewolf Curse (find on Draznak after killing him on level 2) Her husband Simon on level 2 needs vial of life essence (found on level 7 in Chamber of Spirits Room)
*Sacred Grove: Has flute reed for level 3. Use Kaliba's Charm to release (not Kaliba's Seal)
*Uncle Samus Save from Druids. Gives you Ancient Book - show Montague
*Vulture's Cottage Steve-quest to get Mike's sword found in Quarry in Serkesh. Return sword for Fighter's Gem (use in Gem Power Converter on level 13).

Level 1-4
Level 1 *Chamber of Life - locked (keyhole) Obtain Ancient key on level 4 from Gargul's Chest.
Level 2 Several Main Rooms:
*one contains Kaliba's seal in a chest in a room w/in a room w/in a room....
*one contains a magically locked door (no keyhole or gemstone indent) Draznak is here - kill him to receive scroll of Restoration for Natasha.
*one contains a dying Simon who gives info on Gargul.
Level 3 *"Jellyfish" level - lots of portals. Flip switches on side walls to open gate. Reed flute and music machines. Place correct reed on pipes. Use "sheet music" to punch in the correct notes-bridge appears. Take teleporter, pull switch, push button, release flower of Love.
Level 4 *Leper's Room here. Loot barrels and shelves. Bring Time Orb to him-he'll then ask for all of Elric's Armor (one at a time). Receive awesome weapon rewards & gold,potions,etc.
*Locked Room w/runes inside (keyhole) Use Rune Key obtained on level 8 in Solumar's room.
*Gargul's room - Kill Gargul, Simon ghost gives key to chest. Chest contains Ancient Key which opens Chamber of Life (level 1)

Level 5-8
Level 5 *Secret switch under bags of flour to open door into more of the level.
*Chamber of Death - huge worm, Death statue-destroy and get flower of death Bring flower of death to chamber of life (level 1), becomes flower of life, give to Solfara in Omar.
Level 6 * Room - Dry Fountain (get vial of magic water from Rothin to fill) * Room- Rothin (locked door-need Lizard King Key)-give him Fire & Ice (level 8) Spheres and receive vial of magic water
Level 7 *Room - Lizard King - has Lizard King Key to unlock Rothin-also drops note.
* Room - chamber of spirits. Contains vial of life essence - talk to Montague outside Natasha's house after restoring her and telling her of Simon. Vial is now accessible.
*Elrics Shrine - must be blessed by Elric(level 22). Contains Elric's ring.
Level 8 *Solumar's Room - Button - Solumar inside, need to retrieve his book the Drath Karana from his evil brother Molumar. Return his book and receive 'dust of rising' to raise Elric on level 22. Also inside - Rune Key(Rune room on level 4 ) and ripped page of music (use on level 3)
* Room - Fire Golems and sphere of fire
*Room - Ice Golems and sphere of ice


Features of the Land
*Cameron's Fortress Find Runes of Power (Cleric,Fighter,Thief,Wizard - 1 each)
*Montague's Island/House:Montague-will ID Elric's armor.
*Switch on bookshelf will open gate to Spider Chest Place spider coins into chest to receive 1 of each elixer (not youth)
*Wizard Rune of Power in Purple Chest
*Torn Page on shelf tells of Elric's Tomb in Forest (lvl 21-24)
*Sacred Grove Flute Reed
*Traveler's Wayside:
*Corin the Musician -Gives flute reed "D" in exchange for 4 youth potions
*Beldran - Gives key to Cyric's Tower in exchange for str potion
Wizard's Shrine Place 4 wizard runes of power to receive-staff (not spoiling surprise w/details!)

Level 9-12 *Door to house locked. Talk to Daryth at DeMory Village in Serkesh. He'll meet you at level 9 and steal your Crystal of Wisdom.
Level 9** I was tired going through this set and apparently didn't make good notes about exactly what keys I found and where - so I've translated as best I could from what I jotted down
*Get rope from Lucy at level 5 (in the haycart) to enter.
*Saveron has Thieves key (a thieves guild key)
*Bill the Thief room - has maze key on floor in pile of junk (called Death Maze Key??)
*Room w/gate - use Thieves guild key.
Level 10*Nightstand w/skull on top contains orders from Daryth in it
*Room w/2 switches - use Maze key
*Thieves Key - found on floor in pile of junk -no specifics on which room.
Level 11*Room w/lock - use thieves key
*Room w/lock - use thieves key - Sam has Thief rune of power. After talking w/Garath come back here to find Artemis. Obtain prison key - release Garath.
*Room w/Daryth. After killing him on 12 use his key to open chest - Thieves Gem.
Level 12*Room w/Daryth - he drops Daryth's key. Use to open blue chest containing Crystal of Wisdom and to open the door behind the portrait (my 6 year old son found that one while were were playing!). Secret door leads to room w/4 keyholes. Use from left to right: Prison key, Daryth's key, Maze key, Thieves key
Another door - need Elric's helm. Use Elric's helm to see button, push to open door. Use Crystal of Wisdom to open door (might be any Crystal, I just used wisdom). Crystal of Nobility inside. Wear Kaliba's Charm down here-i didn't! Room w/nightstand has Rhuarc's note in it. Never did figure out how to get in library before I finished the quest.

Level 13-16 Spider Level
Level 13 *Cyric's Head Room - speak to Cyric, tells about amulet. Go speak to Belderan at Traveler's Wayside, give him STR potion, receive "door key". Use to open Cyric's Tower in Ardyl. Get Cyric's Amulets there. Now traps on this level will not harm you.
*Skull Room (trapped) w/green chest - cleric's gem.
*Room w/big spider, has green chest - Fighter's gem.
*Room w/2 pods and 2 switches, chest - wizard's gem.
*Behind "skull door" - Green chest w/thieves gem. A door that won't budge (this door opens at some point, Cyric in spider form inside). And Gem Power Converter room with several pedestals. Put all gems in place, break through door - find flower of joy inside.
Level 14 *Room w/Nazrath (troll)-has sapphire gem.
*Room w/sapphire pedestal - place sapphire gem upon to lower crystal of bravery on level 15.
Level 15*Snake room - Wear snake bane amulet to stop respawning of snakes. Smash tripod in middle of room to find Gem of Opening.
*Gem of Opening: Use to access Sapphire Pedestal room (lvl 14), Ruby Pedestal room (lvl 16), Crystal of Bravery (lvl 15 - click gem on it after lowering). Also use to enter Arcuna's room? (can't remember- bad notes!)
*Elric's Shrine - cloaks
*Room w/spider coins and Crystal of Bravery - Lower pedestal by placing sapphire and ruby gems on respective pedestals (lvls 14 and 16), then release using Gem of Opening.
Level 16*Arcuna's room-Green chest - has ruby gem.
*Small room - Ruby pedestal, use gem of opening to enter, place ruby gem on pedestal to lower crystal pedestal on level 15.


Features of the Land
*Arena 4 rooms-1 for each class. Step on seal to fight 4 opponents. 1st time - receive gem, 2nd -receive rune, 3rd and on - potions.
*Cleric shrine Place 4 runes of power to open chest. Receive Mace (not spoiling surprise w/details!)
*Old Church Father Mulkayhe- Druids stole ivory cross found on level 20. Return cross and receive Crystal of Compassion.
*Sacred Grove Flute Reed (use Kaliba's Charm)
*Solfara's Throne Bring flower of life. Take the flower of death from level 5 and bring to level 1 to the fountain to turn to flower of life. Return flower of life to Solfara and receive option to put $$ on seal for items.

Level 17-20 Druid Level
Level 17 *Sheri gives cup to be filled from fountain of healing to heal her. She will give you Feldegar's Key. (level 18)
*Emma gives out unending Vitality & Health potions. (exploit)
*Note on bookshelf in room to the left in the pool room.
Level 18High Temple - Blue chest w/cleric's gem. Bookshelf w/message from Draak.
* Fountain of Healing - only recognizes druids. Use Druid Amulet from Coravan.
Level 19*Elric's Shrine - Hammers
*Druid Chamber - Use Druid Amulet from Coravan.
* Moridin's Temple - Need blessing to enter, Kaliba's Charm amulets inside.
*Room w/ancient bookstand
Level 20*Corvan - needs proof of being a druid to allow access to fountain-Bring him the Ancient Book after you've had Montague ID it (now called geneology of Elric). He'll give you Druid's Amulet.
*Room w/keyhole - Use Feldegar's key - has ivory cross inside-return it to Father Malkayhe (sp?). Kill Feldegar. Blue Chest w/Cleric's Rune of power.

Level 21-24 Cursed Forest.
Level 21 *Talk to Thanatos. Purchase Gem of Souls from Betsy in Ardyl (10k)-He will now release Elric's Helms.
*Elric's Helms-surrounded by force fields-Talk to Thanatos (same level).
*Cove- Red cross that when clicked on spawns Cursed Ones.
*Small Island- Blue Chest with Elric's Crypt Key: access island from teleporter behind gate.
*Gate - Need Kaliba's seal to access gate-need Elric's Helm on to see the Kaliba Seal Pedestal. Step on teleporter-transport to chest on island.
*Graveyard: On the way find body with note. Level 22 entrance in Graveyard. Need Elric's Crypt Key (from small island).
Level 22*Moridin warns not to enter level 23 until wearing full Elric Armor.
*Wear Elric's Helm throughout this level to see secret levers/buttons.
*Room: Hall of Blessing- Do NOT go in here until Elric tells you to. After Elric come here, step on dragon seal to receive "blessing".
*Room: Find Sacred Statuette (use later on this level on a shelf).
*Room: Little Shelf here, place Sacred Statuette upon it to open secret passage.
*Large room w/trapped floor, undead, etc. Elric's tomb in here. Use dust of rising on his tomb (from Solumar on level 8). Retrieve Elric's Life Crystal on level 23 in the Skull Room. Give him LIfe Crystal to receive Crystal of Integrity.
Level 23*Must have Elric's Armor to proceed
*Several Rooms: Pride, Greed, Apathy, Weakness, Sorrow. Use Elric's hammer on these guys to destroy them. After they die their appropriate pedestals in the Skull Room will rise. *The Skull Curse Room- has pedestals for each "sin". Collect flowers to counteract each one: (joy for sorrow, etc). Level 24 holds 4 of the flowers: Compassion, Strength, Generousity, Humility. The flower of Love can be found on level 3 after completing the flute reed quest. The flower for joy can be found on level 13 afte completing the Gems quest. After placing on pedestals smash the "blue light" with Elric's Hammer. Receive Elric's Life Crystal.
Level 24*Rooms with levers, nasty spawners, and 4 flowers. (Compassion, Strength, Generousity, Humility).


Features of the Land
*DeMoray Village:
*Lyle the Mayor - Gives Sapphire Prism *One of the Gate Guards Gives Snake Bane Amulet. Wear this amulet on level __ in the snake room to keep snakes from respawning.
*Vendors here for all your shopping needs.
*Quarry Find Vulture's Sword (mike's) back here after fighting Trolls.
*Sacred Grove Reed Flute __
*Thief Shrine Place 4 runes of power to open chest. Receive Bow (not spoiling surprise w/details!)

Level 25-28 Level 25*Room w/Red&White chest - star prism inside.
*Room w/Red&White chest - star prism inside (yes there are 2 of these!).
*Rooms w/levers - Red&White Chest - you guessed it, star prism inside.
Level 26*Room w/gem indentation locks.
*Small room within a room - amber prism.
*Elric Shrine - Sheilds
*Shurangar's Room - open w/sapphire prism. Place star prisms in holders. Ruby Prism (level 28) gives access to the Barbarian room connected to Shurangar. Amythest Prism (same level) opens sideroom with the teleporter and pedestal. Place Crystal of Compassion on pedestal to free Shurangar. Receive Crystal of Strength.
Level 27*Right Side Room: Red&White Chest - star prism.
*Right Side Room: Red&White Chest - star prism. (yes, another room like the one above).
*Locked Door (gem indentation lock)- Use Amber Prism (level 26) to open. Room w/Volrath-kill for Amythest Prism. Also Blue Chest with Wizard's Gem inside. *Teleporter to new area-Molumar's Lab: Kill Molumar to get door key. Note on nightstand. Put a potion on the shelf to open passage (i used healing). Leads to Molumar's lair. Use his key, Get Drath Karana. Also a blue chest with a cool ring inside. Bring Drath Karana to Solumar (level 8).
Level 28*Draak is here. He will spawn some nasty surprises on you-be prepared.
*Red&White chest - star prism (notice a pattern here:)
*Normal Chest - Ruby prism
Level 29-31I have no notes for 29-31. Which means there was nothing quest related or I was so tired that I forgot to take notes :)
Level 29
Level 30
Level 31Draak.

Item List

A torn page/ Marghor:Montague's house - info on forest
Amber Prism/ Level 26
Amythest Prism/ Level 27: Volrath
Ancient Book (aka Geneology of Elric) /Ardyl: Samus
Cleric's Gem/ 1. Arena 2. Level 18 High Temple Blue Chest; 3. Skull Room-green chest
Cleric's Rune of power/ 1. Arena; 2. Level 4-Rune Room;
3. Cameron's Fortress (Marghor) 4. Level 20-Feldegar's-blue chest
Coil of Rope/ Ardyl: Lucy -haycart-after Daryth steals crystal
Crystal of Bravery/ Level 15
Crystal of Compassion/ Omar: Father Malkayhe
Crystal of Integrity/ Level 22- Elric
Crystal of Nobility/ Level 12- secret room
Crystal of Strength/ Level 26- Shurangar
Crystal of Virtue/ Ardyl: Frank the Farmer after restoring fountain
Crystal of Wisdom/ Ardyl: from Simon - again on level 12 in Daryth's Room
Cup (can't recall exact name)/ Level 17: Sheri (first room on right in pool room)
Cyric's Amulet/ Ardyl: Cyric's Tower
Drath Karana/ Level 27: Molumar's Lab/Lair/Area
Druid Amulet/ Level 20: Corovan
Dust of Rising/ Level 8: Solumar (after returning Drath Karana)
Elric's Helm/ Level 21: Forest - in force fields
Elric's Life Gem/ Level 23: Skull Curse Room
Elric's Shrine: Cloaks/ Level 15
Elric's Shrine:/ Hammers Level 19
Elric's Shrine:/ Rings Level 7
Elric's Shrine:/ Shields Level 26
Feldegar's Key/ Level 17: Sheri-after bringing cup from fountain of healing
Fighter's Gem/ 1. Arena; 2. Steve (after returning sword); 3. Level 13-green chest
Fighter's Rune of power/ 1. Arena; 2.Level4:Red Chest in Garguls Room;
3. Cameron's Fortress (Marghor) 4.Level 4-Rune Room
Fire Sphere/ Level 8: Fire Golem Room
Flower of Compassion/ Level 24
Flower of Death/ Level 5: In statue after fighting large worm.
Flower of Generousity/ Level 24
Flower of Humility/ Level 24
Flower of Joy/ Level 13: Fill in all gems into converter.
Flower of Life/ Restore Flower of Death in Chamber of Life-Level 1; See: "Flower of Death"
Flower of Love/ Level 3: Complete Flute Reed Quest - over bridge into room.
Flower of Strength/ Level 24
Flute Reed - D (short)/ Marghor: Traveler's Wayside-Corinn the Musician
Flute Reeds (all except short D)/ 1 in each Land at sacred groves - use Kaliba's Charm to release
Gem of Opening /Level 15: Snake Room - crush tripod, wear snake bane amulet
Gem of Souls/ Ardyl: Betsy @ Gypsy Road
Ice Sphere/ Level 8: Ice Golem Room
Ivory Cross/ Level 20-Feldegar's Room
Journal/ Level 12: Daryth's Room-Bookshelf
Kaliba's Charm/ Level 19 - Moridin's Temple
Kaliba's Seal/ Level 1: Inside a chest in a room within a room...
Key:Ancient Key/ Level 4: Inside Chest in Gargul's Room
Key:Daryth's Key/ Level 12: Daryth's Room-Daryth
Key:Door Key/ Marghor: Traveler's Wayside-Belderan-after talking to Cyric head on level 13
Key:Elric's Crypt Key/ Level 21: Small Island, blue chest
Key:Gargul's Key/ Level 4: From Gargul - use to open Gargul's Chest
Key:Lizard King Key/ Level 7: Lizard King Room
Key:Maze Key (possibly Death Maze Key)/ Level 9: Bill the Thief's Room - in pile of junk on floor
Key:Molumar's Key (unsure of name)/ Level 28
Key:Rune Key/ Level 8: Solumar's Room
Key:Thieves Guild Key/ Level 9: Saveron
Key:Thieves Key/ Level 10: In room with sacks on floor
Mike's Sword (vulture)/ Serkesh: The Quarry
Note/ Level 4: Garguls Room
Note/ Level 7: Lizard King Room
Note/ Level 17: Pool room-room on left-bookshelf.
Note: On corpse/ Level 21: On way to Graveyard.
Note: Orders from Daryth/ Level 10: In nightstand with skull on top
Note: Rhuarc's Note/ Level 14: Room-in nightstand
Note:Molumar's/ Level 27: MOlumar's Lab/Lair/Area-nightstand
Ripped page of music/ Level 8: Solumar's Room
Ruby Gem/ Level 16: Arcuna's Room - green chest
Ruby Prism/ Level 28-in chest
Sacred Statuette/White Chests-3 on level 25;2 on level 27; 1 on level 28
Thieve's Gem/ 1. Arena; 2. Level 13 Behind Skull Door in Green Chest; 3. Level 11-Daryth's Room
Thieve's Rune of power/ 1. Arena; 2. Level 4-Rune Room;
3. Cameron's Fortress (Marghor) 4. Level 11-Sam
Vial of Life Essence/ Level 7: Chamber of Spirits
Vial of Magic Water/ Level 6: Rothin
Wizard's Gem/ 1. Arena; 2. Level 13-chest; 3. Level 27-Volrath's room, blue chest
Wizard's Rune of power/ 1. Arena; 2. Level 4-Rune Room;
3. Cameron's Fortress (Marghor) 4: Marghor:Montague's -purple chest

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