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Written by azzy9   
Sunday, 25 November 2012 17:57

dsp009QEMod v2.0 By Pilgrim


"This is version 2 of the dsp009QEmod patch I made that lets you access any object in the Quest Editor.

This one lets you access any monster too. This lets you select them from the monster drop down menu in Edit mode or make them into a custom monster in Hierarchy mode. Before you would have had to use the basicMonster1 machine to generate monsters flagged as NPCs. Other monsters such as the SPELLGOLEMFIRE (the fire golem summoned by the invocation spell) were not available.

Place the dsp009QEmod patch in your Darkstone folder. But remember to remove it when not Quest Editing otherwise it will CRASH the game when played (although the initial menu will prompt you to exit the game and remove the patch if you forget)."

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